and be supported by a community of parents working towards the same goal - without ever feeling the need to be 'perfect'.

SPOILER: None of us are.

If you're a dedicated parent trying to do your best, then this might sound familiar.  

You're scrolling Facebook, reading blogs, buying parenting books and talking to friends, trying to find the pieces to this parenting puzzle.

You're dealing with tantrums, and wondering if anyone else finds it this hard.

You want advice, but you want it to be evidence-based, not anecdotal or just plain crap.

Your number one goal is to raise happy, well-adjusted, confident, resilient adults who can achieve their full potential.

You want to parent in a way that feels good - for you and for your kids.

You want to become a voice in your child's head that helps them overcome life's challenges.

You might be having a hard time finding other parents you can talk to about your parenting style, or your parenting challenges. 

If only you could find 
YOUR people.

We've all heard "it takes a village to raise a child".

But villages aren't always easy to find. And even if you're lucky enough to have one, sometimes the support provided doesn't look or happen in a way that actually helps.

It might even be adding to your stress. 

The truth is,

You don't have to keep searching online, reaching out to family who don't understand or friends who parent differently to you, hoping to get something useful in return. 

Because I've created
The Village.

It's a safe place for whole-hearted parents to share their stories, seek support, and find their community.

I really, really love Caroline Ellen. She's an Australian social worker and I find her work calm and loving and wise. 
Rebecca Sparrow.
It's supportive in just the right way. I feel like I have more tools to help my child work through the challenges in life.

We don't do 'perfect'.
We do REAL.

The Village is about learning, growing, sharing and supporting. It's about working together to raise courageous, connected, confident young people. We support each other, in order to better support our children.

You will be able to:

Access weekly "Ask Me Anything" sessions, ask for support, build friendships and share our parenting stressors and successes. 


I run a group chat every week. Miss the live?
Just catch it later, or listen via the private podcast link.


We'll all bring our own perspectives and experiences, as we explore everything it takes to parent whole-heartedly.


I'm always active in the group, and I offer my thoughts and advice on parenting challenges.


We'll be co-creating.

If you have a topic idea, share it with me, and we'll go there together. 

Extra benefits to joining The Village:
Automatic discounted access to all my online courses
Free access to my upcoming, regular online workshops
Discounted Private Coaching sessions.

Access to our extensive catalogue of past courses and sessions. 


You had somewhere to share your parenting highlights and lowlights.

You felt confident and clear in your parenting beliefs.

You had space to share, without fear of judgement and shame.

You had other parents who could support you through the good times and the bad.

You felt more emotionally available and present with your kids.

You had space to celebrate your parenting wins. 

It's all inside The Village.

Spaces in The Village are capped. Act now to secure your spot!

Ready to join us?


I'm mum to two girls. I understand the trials and tribulations of parenting because I'm in the trenches with you.
I also graduated as a social worker in 2007, and since then I've worked with children and families. I've assessed, trained and supported therapeutic foster carers. I've helped children and young people heal from broken attachments and trauma.

This work gave me unique insight into childhood development and what it takes to raise resilient children. It provided me with a deep understanding that every parent is doing their best with the knowledge and resources available to them. I also witnessed the whole family transformation that can occur when a parent feels emotionally supported, and has access to the right information at the right time.

I'm so pleased to have joined The Village. Not only do the units contain valuable information and advice on parenting, but Caroline delivers them in such a warm, relaxed manner that one waits in anticipation for the next one. In addition, the members in the group provide compassionate support of one another, which enables one to feel vulnerable enough to raise difficulties with parenting that one may ordinarily not. Caroline's timely and empathetic responses are always helpful and contribute to a feeling of being well supported. I honestly cannot recommend The Village highly enough.


Here are some questions people have asked before saying "heck, yes!" to The Village:

What age group of children is this relevant to?
If your children are preschool to preteen, then this is the group for you.

How do I access The Village?
Sign up using the button below.

How often do your sessions run, and what happens if I miss them live?
Once a week for between 20 mins to 1 hour. If you miss the live video, it will be saved for you to watch any time that suits you. Private links are provided so that you can also listen to it as a podcast.

How much is is again?
$66 per month. Sign up for six months and receive one month for free, or sign up for 12 and receive two months for free!

What happens if it isn't for me?

If you're subscribed with a monthly payment, just contact me to cancel the subscription anytime. 


If your child is on a self-managed NDIS plan, your subscription for The Village can be covered. Message me to ask how.