Caroline Ellen is one of Australia's most trusted parent educators. Through her presentations, podcast, online courses, private coaching, and online membership, she has helped thousands of families build stronger connections. Caroline delivers difficult, often challenging information in a style that feels relatable, reassuring, and safe.

Her advice empowers parents to take important action.

Caroline has a range of presentations. Please look through the list below to consider which presentation will suit the needs of your audience best.

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"Caroline is an AMAZING presenter at group meetings. We had her at Elwood Community Playgroup AGM and everyone was so impressed You won't regret booking Caroline."


"Caroline presented for SEMBA via Zoom and gave a fantastic, insightful and interactive presentation. We had positive feedback from everyone who attended".



Phones seem to be an inescapable part of our society. Once given a phone, our kids seem constantly connected to their device, and encouraging them to put it away can become an overwhelming, hopeless battle.

Watching a child disappear into their screen can be devastating for families, as they fight to hang on to their relationship and connection.
They might also notice their teenagers going out less, spending less time with their friends and more time alone, scrolling and texting endlessly.

What impact does this have on our children's mental health? What impact does it have on their present, and their future? With all this time spent connecting online... do they feel more connected than ever before? Or are they loneliness, more lost and more anxious?

What do we do to change it?

This presentation provides parents with immediate take-home tips for what they can do to start liberating their child from the never-ending scroll. 

This 90-minute session explores Caroline's nine-piece child safety puzzle. How do we protect children from sexual abuse? How do we keep them safe online? What parenting techniques help us build a culture where our children know they have the right to feel safe and that they can talk to us about anything, no matter what it is? How can we help our children learn to speak up when they don't feel safe, and how can we support them?

This presentation explores all of that and more.

This is an empowering presentation. Parents walk away feeling more confident and better equipped to raise safer, stronger kids.

Finally, a way to understand exactly what risks our kids are facing online.

This presentation is a call to arms on a personal, social, and political level.

The online world is the "wild west" and our kids are not safe there by themselves. Child safety is an adult responsibility, and we have to step up. This presentation give parents a clear path of action.

When our kids are overwhelmed by big feelings, it's natural to think of it as a crisis. It certainly FEELS like a crisis, doesn't it?

But what if I said to you that it's actually an opportunity? Yes, really!

In this presentation, we'll run through the five steps to emotion coaching, which will give you the tools to dive into these moments with confidence.

COOL CALM COLLECTED helps you stay in the moment and coach your child through their own feelings. They'll learn their feelings aren't so big, scary, and overwhelming after all, and they'll develop better emotional regulation skills, benefiting them across their lifespan. Children raised with parents who practice emotion coaching experience better mental health, more successful relationships, do better in school, and are even physically healthier than their peers.


RISE is your short, smart, snappy action plan. It's easy to remember and completely evidence-based. It will genuinely help you make HUGE leaps towards raising kids that are truly ready to launch.

This presentation explores four clear and doable steps to raising self-motivated, emotionally intelligent, and resilient kids.

Described as both a revelation and a revolution, parents leave feeling more sure of themselves.

Parents, this will give you the confidence to go your own way.

I'll show you how to update your parenting to reflect the current evidence, instead of simply repeating the parenting of previous generations.

You'll leave knowing what you can do, and why. It's also a great one for getting partners on the same page. Together, you'll see the science behind why yelling and time-outs don't work.

We'll run through key lessons from neuroscience about how children's brains develop. Then, I'll share 10 doable tips to help you shift your parenting to reflect the science.

"When Caroline speaks, I listen. She's so relatable and approachable, I feel safe and understood".


"The webinar was so good and informative. You always do such a spectacular job at presenting and you are so easy to listen to."



If you're in Melbourne or anywhere across Victoria, Caroline is available for in-person presentations. Get in touch for a quote tailored to your event and location.

All of Caroline's presentations are also available as online presentations, hosted via Zoom. 

Each presentation runs for 90 minutes, including question time. 

These presentations are ideal for community groups (such as kindergartens, child care centres and schools) and foster care organisations. They are also suitable as professional development for mental health professionals, social workers, and teachers.

Caroline can tailor each presentation to the needs and situation of your specific audience. 

Caroline can host the presentation for you. This means that she will set up a webinar, provide a link for registrations, and keep you updated as to how many registrations you have for your event. Caroline will also provide a marketing flyer and email script for distribution.

Access to a replay can also be provided for two weeks after the event.

All you have to do is distribute the invitation and show up for the event!

For an in-person presentation, please email with your details (such as which presentation and where you are located), and we will respond to you with a quote.

For a fully-hosted webinar, including access to a replay, the cost is $880.
The cost for an in-person presentation is $880 plus travel.