What's really going on for our kids online?

What risks are they facing?

What are we going to do about it?

This 90 minute webinar doesn't hold back. I don't believe in beating around the bush or glossing over the uncomfortable truths.
Child safety is an adult responsibility, and right now, we need to step up more than ever.
We need to understand what's happening.
We need to make hard choices and have hard conversations in our homes, our schools, our communities.

This 90 minute webinar will help you understand what's really happening for our kids online, and will help you think about what you can do at personal, social, and political level to help keep our children safe.

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Please note that this presentation is also available for school and community bookings, and can be presented online or in-person across Melbourne.

Virtual Childhood 90 min webinar

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  • What risks are our children facing online? What do we do about it? Let's explore the path towards keeping our kids safe online.

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Past participant

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to thank you so much. My husband and I found the session fantastic and have had some really important conversations since. It also prompted a conversation around putting our kids first even if that makes us very uncomfortable. For example asking about screen access on play dates.
I've recommended the session to friends with kids at other schools.

Thank you so much Caroline.

It's a relief to know kind, compassionate, honest and skilled people like you are out there.

Caroline Ellen

Caroline is a registered social worker and a parenting coach. Caroline's mission is to create safer spaces for children through stronger parent-child relationships. Her style is real and relatable. As mum to two girls (aged six and three), she's in the trenches with you.