Feel more confident about protecting your kids

Learn how to implement body safety lessons that can help protect your children from sexual abuse.
Establish a family culture that reinforces those messages every day.

Yes! You can take action to help your kids stay safe. 

We all want to know that we've done everything we can to protect our children from harm. We want to know that we're protecting them from the lifelong trauma that abuse can lead to.

Sadly, we also know that in Australia 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 4 boys will experience sexual abuse. We know that increasing numbers of children are being exploited online. We know that our children are being exposed to porn and age-inappropriate content at alarming rates, and that the potential outcomes of this are dangerous and deeply concerning.

And we know the risk of these events doesn't discriminate between socioeconomics, geography or religion.

When you know how, you can empower your kids and better protect them against these challenges.

I can help.

My cornerstone program, Get Smart, teaches you how and shows you exactly what actions to take.

You'll keep your kids safer and help them grow up happy.
They'll learn to trust their instincts and what to do if they don't feel safe. 

Early bird discount ends at 11pm on the 24th May 2021
Final enrolments close 11pm on the 14th June 2021
Course commences 21st June 2021

Use your Get Smart workbooks long after the course has finished. 

Hard copies of the Get Smart workbooks are included with this course! 

I've been carefully crafting the Get Smart Guide for Grown-Ups and the Get Smart Workbook for Kids. At over 40 pages each, they contain some of the most important information you'll ever give to your child.

To learn more about the Get Smart workbooks, watch this video. 

Enrolments close at 11pm on the 14th June,
and Get Smart won't run live again until 2022.

Now is the time!

Learn how to parent in alignment with body safety and consent-based approaches.

Empower your kids with information that can reduce their likelihood of experiencing sexual abuse.

Get lifetime access and repeat the course in future rounds.

Join a supportive community of parents all on the same page.

Learn directly from me as I raise my own kids, too. 

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’ve been teaching body safety since my eldest was 10 months old. My girls are now five and two. I live these lessons every day alongside you.  

It’s easy for me to see the challenges and obstacles of raising a child in a consent-based body safety approach – because I’m living them all too.  

My knowledge comes from my extensive experience as a social worker. I’ve been one for 14 years, and I’ve taught body safety to over 3000 children.  

But my wisdom and understanding – my ability to walk you through this step by step – comes from what I’ve learnt as a mum. I know what you feel, because I’ve felt it all too.  

That’s why Get Smart was born. To educate and support parents to understand body safety, and to guide them as they implement it in their own families.

Sometimes the hardest thing isn't knowing the right thing to do, instead it's being consistent.

Take toothbrushing for example. It just needs doing, right? But you've empowered your child to be the boss of their body.

So what do you do when they say NO?

Get Smart doesn't just teach you what body safety is, but how to maintain it each and every day.

Even through the challenges.

I outline the steps and strategies that will help you through your everyday challenges in ways that empower your kids and help keep them safe.  

How it works:

Step 1:

Enrol – time to get excited!

Step 2:

Get instant access to the pre-recorded course content.

Step 3:

Join the Facebook community (that's where the live action will happen).

Step 4:

Check the Facebook group events for a schedule of live videos.

Step 5:

Watch the videos, or catch the replays (via private podcast or video) when it suits you.

Step 6:

Use the BONUS workbook to guide your conversations with your kids, and to help make sure they understand.

Step 7: Finish the course feeling relieved, confident and empowered with a plan of action!

Worried you'll steal some of your child's innocence?

Are you wondering if frank conversatios like this will make them less carefree? Maybe leave them feeling anxious about potential abuse?
Well, the opposite is true. 

Research tells us that kids feel more empowered when they understand body safety, and that they're more likely to disclose if anything does happen. 

We also know the predators may look for the signs that a child is educated in body safety, and will be less likely to target that child. 

Empowering children with body safety information, and reinforcing these messages in your daily parenting,
PROTECTS their innocence. 

Short on time?

Worried you don't have time to sit down to lessons?

Course videos are short and snackable, and available live or by replay so you can listen on the go.

Busy parents in my communities talk about how they listen while they're folding washing, driving, cooking, and by using their airpods at work.

The comprehensive bonus workbook will be read in small sections.

When you join Get Smart, you get lifetime access. So not only will you have access to all future updates, but you can repeat the course whenever it runs live. Ask new questions, solve new challenges. Find more time. 

Worried about having these conversations with your kids?

Even with the workbook and course videos, there are many reasons why these conversations with your kids can feel overwhelming.

That's why, for the first time ever this round of Get Smart includes videos for you to watch with your kids.

We'll get the conversation started, and I know you'll be able to take it from there. 

"Caroline's courses have been invaluable. The body safety course is incredibly empowering - to know he is capable of recognising those uncomfortable feelings when something or someone isn't right, and what to do about it is such a relief."

Past Participant

"I feel like I have a more tools and my child has more mantras and age appropriate material to work through the challenges in life".


Past Participant

"THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. It feels really good to know that I've covered off these important conversations with my kids, and to have the confidence to know that we really can talk about anything, no matter what it is."

Past Participant

Learn exactly how to empower your children with the information that can help keep them safe, and learn how to reinforce these messages,
every single day. 

Course Pricing

Get Smart
Payment Plan

4 payments of $67 AUD every 2 weeks

Get Smart

$247 AUD

"ARGH! But I have no time!"

I know that when you see the amount of content listed in this curriculum, you might think "I just don't have time for that!". I know that feeling! But watching this video will be reassuring...

Course Curriculum

Who's the course for?

If you've got kids aged 2-10 and you're ready to have frank and open conversations, ready to show up regardless of how uncomfortable this thought has made you in the past...

Then you're ready to learn with me.

We'll take a deep dive to reflect on our parenting.

And you'll need to be willing to make changes if need be, because you want to get this right. You know it's SO important. 

Who's the course NOT for?

If you're not...
  • ready to talk openly and honestly with your kids
  • willing to reflect on your own parenting style 
  • or not yet convinced that children need to be empowered with rights over their own body

...then this course may not be for you at this time.

How do parents feel afterwards?

Parents tell me they feel relieved, empowered and a lot more confident about being able to help their kids stay safe.
They're grateful to have a plan of action. 

"Caroline is such an amazing teacher. I have recently enrolled in her Body Safety and Emotional Coaching courses and have learned so many practical tools to help support my children's safety and emotions. Caroline is a wealth of knowledge and I recommend Caroline's courses to any and all parents."

Past Participant

"This course has given me calm and rational tools to not only preempt issues, but deal with them as they arise. The whole framework has been great as a reference for so many situations. Thanks Caroline!"


Past Participant

"The biggest benefit for me in this course was understanding how to consistently send the message to my children that we can talk about anything.'"


Past Participant

This could be you...

Imagine your child is heading off somewhere without you. You're nervous to see them stretching their wings.

But, you know that you've tackled the awkward-but-important conversations with the adults in charge of your child. You've talked with your child extensively about body safety.  

You know that they can tell when they don't feel safe, and you're confident in their ability to speak up and seek help if needed.  

You relax as they enjoy the next step in growing up.

Ready to feel like that?

If you're wondering if you're ready to take a deep dive into protective behaviours, let me ask you...

If not now – when?

The sooner you start to talk to your children about body safety, the easier it is. Each conversation will start to build on the one before, and before you know it, you'll have a family that really does talk about anything, no matter what it is.

Enrolments close in:



Parents and carers with children aged 2-10 will get the most out of it. 

No, it isn't. Many parents are afraid it's a difficult topic, but then tell me when they actually take the course that it's not as hard as they expected. The resources are all there to help you and the course is desgined to make it easy for you. 

You can watch the replays inside my website, OR via the Facebook group. For every live video I make there's multiple options and formats to make catching up easy. 

I've been a registered social worker since 2007, working with children and families and teaching body safety directly to over 3000 children. I'm also a qualified protective behaviours facilitator.  

I recommend completing it prior to the Q&A session, which is scheduled 10 weeks after the course first opens. That way, you can make sure you have all your questions ready to go! BUT I also know that life can get in the way. Don't stress. You have lifetime access to the course and Facebook group, so you can watch or re-watch the videos as often as you need. You can also participate in future live rounds of Get Smart. 

Research into body safety education shows us that this doesn't happen. Children don't feel more anxious after learning about body safety. They ARE more empowered to speak up and disclose abuse if they experience it. 

Course Pricing

Get Smart
Payment Plan

4 payments of $67 AUD every 2 weeks

Get Smart

$247 AUD

If you've still got questions, I'd love to help.