Believe me, I get it.

Sometimes you just HAVE to get things done.

Sometimes you just can't face one more interruption.

Sometimes you just need a little more time.

Almost every single one of us (if not every one of us) has, at some point, passed their child a screen and sent the tech gods a heartfelt THANK YOU.

I understand – I've been there.

But perhaps now it's more than "sometimes". Perhaps it feels like it's almost all the time.

Perhaps you feel like your child has to have a phone, because otherwise they'll be left out, left behind, the odd one out.

Perhaps those sanity-saving screens have become a double-edged sword.

You're seeing your child's reliance on devices growing.

 You're finding it increasingly difficult to put boundaries around your children's screen time.

 You've noticed the impact of devices on you, and you want something different for your kids.  
It feels almost impossible to make changes.  

But what if it's not?  What if you could transform your family's relationship with screens?  

What if it's not as hard as you're telling yourself?  Let me show you. We'll do it together.  


You'll learn how to shift your feelings of dependency 
on screens.

And you'll rediscover the rewards of time in nature.

Did you know that when we're exposed to sunlight, trees, water, or even just a view of green leaves, we become healthier, happier, and stronger?

In FROM SCREEN TO GREEN, you'll learn how to:

Implement limits on screen time so you can enjoy more green time

Talk to your kids about the changes you're making

Make green time FUN (because it doesn't come easily to everyone)

Help your children learn how to entertain themselves, sans electronics

Bring the benefits of green time into your life

Let's reduce screen time to create space for green time.
 Your kids need it. You need it. We ALL need it. 

I know you're already likely to be feeling overwhelmed, stretched, and stressed out.
You want to engage in this course, you want to benefit from it, but you're worried about how you'll find the time.
The last thing you need is anything more on your to-do list, right?

I've made this course with that in mind.

There are eight sessions, each between 30 - 60 minutes long.

Each session is available as both a video and a private podcast. If you're too busy to sit and watch, then pop in your airpods, open up the podcast, and get on with your day. Do what needs to be done AND make your way through the course at the same time.

The course will be available to you inside my website, but I'll also drop the private podcast links straight to your email inbox, just to save you a little extra time.

These sessions won't weigh you down. They are conversations that lift and inspire.

You'll feel like you're kicking goals in no time. 

We start on the 10th November, 2021. 

More questions? Get in touch with me here.

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Caroline Ellen

Caroline is a registered social worker and a parenting coach. Caroline's mission is to create safer spaces for children through stronger parent-child relationships. Her style is real and relatable. As mum to two girls (aged six and three), she's in the trenches with you.