When was the last time you did something just for you?

Do you feel strung out, exhausted, or lost in parenthood?

Does parenthood feel harder and heavier than you ever expected?

Are you quick to get angry at your kids, and you just can't understand why?

Do you want to feel differently about parenthood?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this workbook is for you.

What's in it?

This 56-page, easy-to-use workbook will encourage you to explore what's really going on for you.

How often do you take time to think about your experiences as a child, and how those experiences are impacting on your parenting? How often do you think about your own values, and whether or not you're living a life that's aligned to them? When do you make time for your own self-care needs?

Almost every parent I speak to comes back to me with a resounding 'Ummm...NEVER'.

I get it! We're all busy enough already. And anyway, who would know where to start? What questions should we even be asking ourselves?

But when we haven't taken the time to unpack our own stories, they hide away in our subconscious. They can be quietly hiding behind so many complicated feelings and behaviours, and we just don't even know what's there.

We might even start to feel disconnected from our true selves, isolated and confused. We might be lashing out at our kids, unable to be patient throughout the normal ups and downs of parenthood. We might feel angry at our partner, questioning why they don't support us more, but unable to communicate what it is we really need. We could feel scared... what if people realised how we're really feeling about parenthood, and life in general?

This workbook is designed to help you explore five important domains:
1. your story
2. your values
3. your self-care
4. gratitude empathy and mindfulness, and
5. finding your voice

This is the stuff that changes lives.

Grab a cup of tea, pick up a pen and find a comfy spot.

You'll never regret the time you spend on this workbook.

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The Connected Workbook is amazing. I believe it's the step I need to dig into and work out my belief systems, values and triggers to work out why I react the way I do. Thank you so much for all this work. It's so important.

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Caroline Ellen

Caroline is a registered social worker and a parenting coach. Caroline's mission is to create safer spaces for children through stronger parent-child relationships. Her style is real and relatable. As mum to two girls (aged six and three), she's in the trenches with you.