Do you feel strung out, exhausted, or lost in parenthood?

Does parenthood feel harder and heavier than you ever expected?  

Are you quick to get angry at those around you, and you just can't understand why?  

Do you feel restless, struck, or invisible?

Have you ever wondering if it's possible for parenthood to feel somehow lighter and more fun than it does right now?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this series is for you.  

The CONNECTED course is your guide to finding joy in everyday parenting.

Warning: It gets deep, fast. We'll dive right in to unpacking the "why" behind the struggle.

I'll walk you through unpacking your own story, your hidden expectations, and your unacknowledged values.

We'll explore how much parenthood really does change us. We'll talk about how normal it is to feel lost and confused, and why it is that you might be feeling that way.

And, of course, we'll come up with a plan to lighten the load.

This is the stuff that changes lives. You'll soon be crafting a whole new way forward. 

The CONNECTED course consists of eight sessions and a workbook (plus two extra live chats with me!)

Of the eight sessions, two will be presented as live webinars. Join live if you can, I would love to speak with you!
(If you can't make it live, the replays will be available soon after).

The remaining six sessions will be recorded as private podcasts and / or videos.

I want to encourage you to put in your AirPods and listen as you move your body. Go for a walk, or even clean the house if you have to get it done!
For many of us, movement helps us concentrate, and helps us retain what we've just heard. The learning feels different (good different) when we move our bodies as we learn.

The workbook will be posted to you upon enrolment in the course. Buy a really lovely pen, and get started!
When we write, our left brain and our right brain work together. This will lead to lightbulb moments you'd be struggling to access any other way.

I am deeply proud of the course and the content inside it. I know it lifts people up, and makes a significant difference to how they experience parenthood, not just today, but every day after.

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about my course.
I can't wait for you to join me.

Once you enroll as a student in CONNECTED, you'll enjoy lifetime access to the course content.

There are no deadlines, so you can take your time completing the course at your own pace.  

What's more, I regularly add new live modules and update the workbook. As a CONNECTED student, you'll have automatic access to any new content, so you can continue to benefit from my latest insights and teachings.  

I wholeheartedly encourage you to revisit the course and participate in new content as it becomes available.

I'm confident that each time you engage with the material, you'll discover something new and valuable (I certainly do!).


Previous participant, member of The Village

"This course stopped me in my tracks. It's so easy to get swept up in day to day life with kids, running around after everyone. Really forgetting my own needs or just putting them last. This course helped me to make myself a priority again. Everyone in the house is benefiting from that. 


As a bonus, your purchase of CONNECTED now includes 12 weeks of access to my exclusive group coaching space, The Village, valued at $99.

In The Village, we'll dive deep into your parenting challenges, discussing them in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Each week, you'll receive individualized and evidence-based guidance from me.

 I'm excited to have you join us and start your parenting journey towards a stronger, more connected family dynamic.

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    CONNECTED plus 12 weeks in THE VILLAGE

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