Inclusion starts at home

Recently I participated in the Included Summit hosted by Natalie Charlotte (Find her at "Rewired by Natalie Charlotte" on Facebook). 

Natalie has graciously given permission for me to provide a replay of my talk here: Click to view

In this 50 minute talk, I explore where teaching children inclusion really starts: at home, with us making sure that we not just embrace every little piece of who they are. 

Unfortunately, there's an awful lot about mainstream parenting techniques that DON'T help our children feel included. Some of them (even the well intentioned ones) can leave children feeling alone, lost, and as if they are "wrong". Wrong for feeling how they do, wrong for acting how they do. It can leave them feeling as if they have to perform in order to be worthy, and as if they have to hide their sadness and their anger, even fro those people who are meant to love and protect them the most. 

How do we shift this? How do step away from these mainstream techniques, and find our way to something very different?

Let me welcome you down the rabbit-hole. There's lots to keep you busy! And in doing so... you really will change the future, in so many different ways. I promise. 

I hope you enjoy this talk. 

Click to view the video here.